Steam Leaderboards

What is this site?

Steam Leaderboards keeps a constantly updated ranking of all* games on Steam. I created this site due to my desire to keep finding good games that come out. Because Steam gets thousands of new games every year, it has become very difficult to track everything worth playing. This tool lists the tags, prices, release dates, platforms, and most importantly, user review scores, of all the games.

While all the other attributes can be used to filter games according to your preferences, the ranking of the games is decided by a custom algorithm I specifically made for the purpose of ranking Steam's games. You can read more about the algorithm in the post I wrote to SteamDB about it. But the gist of it is that the score of a game is higher the larger the percentage of positive reviews on the game, and the more overall reviews the game has.

Known problems

What does logging in do?

Logging in through Steam allows me to fetch the games in your library and on your wishlist and display that info in the ranking for you. This only works if your profile is set to public though, which you can edit from your profile > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings. All your info is actually stored on your computer, and everything is deleted if you choose to log out. You can refresh manually once a day, or automatically once a week.

Can I contact you somehow?

First of all, it's worth noting that I am not affiliated with Steam or Valve. Secondly, since this is just a small site made as a hobby, I'm only going to disclose my online persona at this time. Feel free to add me through my Steam page if you have something worthwhile to discuss. Questions are also okay.

I would really like this new feature added

I'm sure there's a lot of things this site could be, but I have limited time, resources, and desires, so there's only so much the site is going to be. I'm afraid most feature requests would be denied as I'm not really looking to expand the functionality of the site. Perhaps the only planned feature (provided I get a new server someday) would be a history of the scores of all the games.